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Shipman, Shaiken & Schwefel, LLC Move To New Offices

Shipman, Shaiken & Schwefel, LLC opened its new office today, at Corporate Center West, 433 South Main Street, Suite 319, West Hartford, CT 06110. Our attorneys’ direct dial phone numbers remain unchanged, but our main phone number is now 860-952-3715.… Read More

So you think you are a Florida resident?

By Mark Shipman and Lawrence J. Marks

Consider this scenario. You run several businesses in Connecticut and maintain your home in Connecticut. But you’ve decided to buy some property in Florida, spend some time there for relaxation, and, because of the tax advantages, claim Florida as your primary residence.… Read More

Announcing Shipman, Shaiken & Schwefel, LLC

We take pleasure in announcing the formation of Shipman Shaiken & Schwefel, LLC, comprised of attorneys Mark Shipman, Larry Shipman, David M. S. Shaiken, C. Scott Schwefel and Robert Randich.  We are located at Corporate Center West, 433 South Main Street, Suite 319, West Hartford, Connecticut 06110.… Read More

Validity of License Pending Appeal of Nonrenewal

By David Shaiken

I am frequently asked: When a Connecticut professional or occupational license is nonrenewed by a regulator, does the license stay in effect pending appeal? The answer is yes, if a license renewal application is denied the license will remain valid and in effect pending a final decision after all hearings and appeals have been exhausted, provided that the license holder has filed a renewal application and paid the proper application fee on time.… Read More

How Many Experts Does It Take To Unscrew A Lightbulb?

By David Shaiken

I don’t know about lightbulbs, but I do know that Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is likely to be amended effective December 1, 2010, so that an expert witness’s draft reports, and communications with the lawyer who hired the expert, will be protected from disclosure.… Read More